Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Transmog a general overview

1 Demand
2 Supply
3 Horde vs Alliance
4 Bop vs Boe

1 Demand

For a long time being in the latest pve or pvp gear was a sort of status symbol, people wanted to know where you got that awesome gear from etc.
As time passed and LFR was introduced everyone was looking more and more similar. With an increased number of people raiding, standing around your faction main city in the most recent tier armour with several other people looking very samey is less appealing.
Transmog provides the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, it allows you to customise the way you look and provides an outlet for your personality, colour preferences, expansion preferences and allows you to re-live former glories through the items you collected long ago. With gear resets and other in game changes there are very few opportunities where playing the game longer (expansion longer) than someone else is really that beneficial, transmog allows you to equip those items you earned the hard way now.
Gearscore is still the be all and end all of end game but looking good/unique is breaking out from RP community and going mainstream, in my experiences transmogg isn’t something you do once and you are done, but it is an evolution. You might come across a better looking chest item or a weapon you want your look to match better with. You might have one look for tank set and another look fro your dps set.
Hide your gear,not in best of the best gear? No problem just transmogg it! Making a pvp levelling alt and you want to pimp them up with the best gear not just boa but awesome gear in every others lot aswell, want to use mongoose/landslide enchants go for it! Now when you pvp you can disguise the fact you are a twink because of transmogg. I use ced carver transmogg to hide the berserking enchants on my level 70 rogue.
Like in real life fashion changes, there will be people working on mogging off-sets, pvp switching from bop to boe, then others going from boe to bop and others  going for some blend between bop and boe. Several people I know are working on their third or fourth transmogg sets and they tend to be a mix of boe and bop items.
Choosing an item beyond just its looks, maybe an item you used for long periods of a previous expansion, a reputation reward item, pvp items or items no longer obtainable like Athenea/Benediction. Some items just have sentimental value.
Having multiple 85’s is becoming the norm and once you have finished making your main look bling bling then you get to work on all your alts.

2 Supply

I have levelled a few toons via mainly pvp and a few via mainly Lfd so if I want to go back and do a quest for an item to Tmogg I have no problems on my newer alts, problems arise when i want to go back on my shaman who has done loads of quests in BC and vendor/DE all the quest rewards.

You can level up using looking for dungeon especially if you are a tank or healer. A source of bop gear and green drops (if needed on become soulbound so you have to get lucky on greed rolls)

Real id cross-realm raids making it easier to do more raids.

At this stage of the game people are turning to alts, constant supply of low priced greens.

Patch 4.3 was all about gems/enchants now everyone is not spending so much gold on item enhancements, consumables as there are less frequent gear upgrades. Transmogg is something to spend gold on.

Transmogg items are farmable for example Blasted lands rare spawns, Scholo chest runs and AQ20 fast respawn trash. The hard part is when farming for a specific item, if you go into AQ20 looking for rare greens you wont be disappointed, but if you go into AQ20 looking for a specific item like exalted harness you could be farming there a while.

Thinking outside the box: How many great greens get vendored or DE before they have a chance to make it onto the auction house?
I use a buying macro “wtb boe armor please link me what you got” and use /who 20-70.
It is pretty hit and miss because a lot of people want know what you are talking about, but I have got lucky on some nice items and it is untapped source of supply.

3 Horde vs Alliance

I have had success on both horde and alliance looking at Realmpop data and ye can see where your customers are coming from.
Humans and Blood elves make up 28.5% of characters (EU realmpop data)

There are differences in appeal for an item depending on which faction you are selling it, go beyond shared models, the drop rate. Look at drop locations and how it looks on models other than blood elf/human female you might discover some hidden gems.

A great example is Burnt leather vest an item with low drop rate and drops in alliance favoured zones such as: westfall and gilneas, it might appear more often alliance side compared to horde. I bought mine on alliance side few weeks ago but it was’nt selling I took another look at the item and figured it might sell better (faster/higher amount ) if I moved it to the horde side and then a couple of days later it sold.

4 Bop vs Boe

Bop have to set up a raid, farm a 5man takes time and luck.
Tokens vs Random number generator for old content “ I want full tier 2 go!!!!!” sounds easy but it is not, a priest in my vanilla guild killed Neffy for 7 months to finally get tier 2 chest.

Sentimental value? choosing an item beyond just its looks, maybe an item you used for long periods of a previous expansion. A rep reward item or pvp items.

What are your thoughts on transmogg?


  1. I love transmog so far. I have both a PvP and PvE set on my main, a blood elf female mage, both which I've transmogged into other sets. I farmed the first (Arcanist Recolor) from BC Heroics , and the 2nd I took Arachnidian Robes which I found doing a mogging scan, and had to keep them to build a set around them. I enjoy transmog as both a fun thing to do with my down time in WoW and a great gold maker in game with high profit margins!

  2. First comment thanks! A great perk of being a transmogg seller is you have all the good stuff already, all of my 85's have at least 1 transmogg set.