Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I'm Back

If you follow me on twitter you'll know i've actually been back for around 6 weeks. However i've mainly been making 85-89 twinks and doing lots of BG's. It is time to get back into the gold making and this morning I posted up lots of items and in between waiting for TSM to do its magic I wrote this post.

85-89 BG’s the value of blue MoP items

In the past 5-6 weeks I’ve probably spent around 100k on MoP blues for my 85-89 twinks. I try to keep an eye on these for flipping but they very rarely come on to the Auction House below 2k. If you get one while doing daillies or something then make sure to post them high.

No 90 yet but 4 level 88’s with kick ass gear! I'm also taking an alliance alt through some of the revamped Cata zones I skipped before.

The Black Market Auction House was a serious let down, items very rarely come up on there so gearing up via BMAH is not really an option.

I am mainly focused on levelling but once I get a few toons to 90 I will start posting items more often. Currently I am only posting around 300 transmog items and stockpiled items like ore, leather and enchanting mats. I am also sitting on 2 TCG mounts but prices don’t seem very good so I will hold on to these a while longer.

I got really into pet battles for about two weeks but I still think pvp battles need to give better reward and fighting the same selection of pets over and over again got boring.

My Goals for the next 6 weeks:

Get 5 toons to 90

Max all professions (Alchemy, Mining and Tailoring done so far)

Focus on gearing up (HC’s, LFR etc.)  Rogue first (my skinner)

Get farms set up to start bringing in motes/lotus (15 toons at or above level 85 currently)

Farm enough motes for every recipe for every profession (this might take a while)

Get back into blogging


  1. So glad to see you're back! If you're looking for a Mote of Harmony farming spot check out this one on the Consortium Forums. Hands down the best spot to farm, just have to do a few quests first, and if you're doing it on a 90, use Potion of Luck for the 20 minute buff, was well worth it on my 90 mage.

  2. Great post, battlegrounds are a lot of fun with those blues! I also got lucky enough to get that spear of xuen for my monk, I Love it and still use it until I find something better from raids! Also great because my other character is a feral/guardian druid so he can use it later too. I have been making decent money finding those 80-85 MOP blues, just by stalking the Undermine Journal for good deals then flipping it.

  3. I completely agree with BMAH has been a complete let down.
    There is nothing there to level a toon from 85-90.
    Really disappointing, they didn't ask what most millionaires actually need.
    I don't care about rare BOP pets and level 60 twink gear.

  4. I don't envy you grinding out the Tiller quests for all those characters back to back when you finally get to 90. I've done it 3 times so far and I am already sick to death of it. You seem to have a nice settled plan though so I reckon you'll do well.