Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 1 of the 20 Days of Gold Making

A few other gold makers have decided to follow Nev by doing 20 days of gold making posts so I thought I would jump in as well.

When did you start gold making and what triggered it?
Back in vanilla I and a few guildies decided to make level 19 twinks. Our progression in MC/ZG was going pretty slow so we wanted something to do after raids.
Making twinks was really expensive, not just the gear (we decided to get as much bop stuff as possible to save money and time) but the crazy enchants. Around this time the AQ war effort was going on and we found we had a lot of green items. I decided to make a low level character and learnt enchanting on him (Darnassus because IF was always busy and it made me lag). With skill one enchanting I could disenchant any item in the game which was awesome and enchanting mats sold really well.
My main was Herbalism and Alchemy and I made some good money selling my Arcanite cooldowns and items like greater arcane elixir and brilliant wizard oil.
I worked out that if I had more professions I could make more gold so I began levelling an alt to 60.

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