Friday, 27 July 2012

Guest Post : Borean Leather Farming by

Today I want to talk a little bit about farming. It’s important to understand that in every gold makers toolbox that farming is important. I know there are many gold makers out there who are against farming, they feel it’s a waste of time. I some respect to that, it can be. It all depends on what you are farming.

Borean Leather is on of those leathers that you need a whole lot of it to level your Leatherworking to 425. At 425 you move into Cataclysm level leather. My new Hunter is level 75 with both Leatherworking and Skinning, as I talk about earlier today as well as yesterday in getting ready for Mist of Pandaria. I believe that farming is most important the start of an expansion and the end.

The Farming Spot: Dragonblight, Northrend


To keep it short, if you look at the map, you can see the red circle in the upper center of the map. There is a cave, which has a bunch of level 72-74ish mobs all can be skin, but what makes this farming spot better than ALL others is that you can farm Jormungar Scales here as well. Those are the easiest leather to level your Leatherworking, you also will get tons of Borean Leather and Scrapes from the mobs. If you’re in a guild with the perk is ideal for farming.

The problem is Jormungar Scale these days are generally limited on the Auction House as no one is farming them. Those that do hit the auction house are just from skinners leveling through and not going out of their way to farm it.

Why is this important?


Simple, you want to stock up on Borean Leather for Mist of Pandaria because you’re going to have new Monks (of all races) leveling and more than likely people are going to take Leatherworking because Monks are leather users (like Druids and Rogues). So in general it makes sense, I’ll craft my own gear.

Just like with all professions there are choke points to where people end up having issues getting a whole of mats to level their professions. As a result they generally don’t want to farm and end up paying outright high prices to get the mats. Such choke points can some times, depending on your server controlled.

Maybe people talk about controlling a market I believe that a choke point are the best markets a person can control. Now Borean Leather is the hardest one to control, but generally the price can be kept up high.

In the time of any new expansion it does pay off to have a stockpile of it, simply because players will be focus on the new stuff. Those who decided to level new mains at the start if they choose Leatherworking. Within the first month they likely will be hitting Northrend content and Borean Leather. If they didn’t take skinning with Leatherworking they will be hitting the auction house.

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  1. I think I would farm rugged leather as it takes more to level, is used in different professions and I find it to be one of the highest priced of the leathers

  2. On my server old world leather right now is pretty much 1-2g across the board, where as Borean Leather is 5-9g each and I've had to farm it myself being I'm leveling leatherworking on my hunter.

    But yeah the general idea is that you need a bunch of Borean Leather and often can be in short supply. Also note on Rugged leather, you can farm light leather and craft it all the way up to rugged and I know a few spots you can farm up endless light leather easy.