Wednesday, 4 April 2012

MoP Prediction: One Mill in One Month

Is One Million Gold in 30 days possible?

What you will need:

A toon with herbalism (ideally tauren and/or druid)
Same toon or another with maxed inscription
Farming time!


Example 1 - 100 MoP Decks!

100 decks – 10.5 cards per deck so 1050 cards roughly for 100 decks.

Assumption 1: Takes 10 new version of inferno ink per card and inks per stack of herbs stays the same.

1 card = 6.25 stacks of herbs (10 new bf ink convert into 1 new version of inferno ink)

So 100 decks = 1050 cards = 6562.5 stacks of herbs.

Assumption 2: 30 stacks of high level herbs per hour

6562.5/30 = 218hrs = roughly seven and a quarter hours per day.

That’s to make 100 decks purely via farming within one month of MoP launch.

Assumption 3: Inflation of 50% or more

Take average of 20k/deck = 20k x 100 = Two Million Gold

Example 2 - 50 MoP Decks!

50 decks = 11.66 cards per deck

50decks = 583 cards = 3643.75 stacks of herbs

3643.75/30 = 121 hours = roughly four hours per day.

Take average of 20k/deck = 20k x 50 = One Million Gold

In Cata decks were going for around 20k / 15k / 15k / 5k in first 1-2 faires

An average of 13.75k per deck

MoP inflation so far no-one has any idea but I’m assuming it will increase prices by at least 50%. That 13.75k -> 20k. This is on the low side I think as well.

So just farm herbs for first 30 days of the new expansion if you want to make one million gold in a month. That should keep you going for the rest of the expansion. Your ability to farm for that much depends on your realm population, whether it is a pvp realm and at what time of the day you can farm.

Some assumptions which might not hold up and may significantly alter the math:
1)      30 stacks an hour seems high especially for a non-Druid / non-Tauren
2)      It might take more than 10 of the new version of inferno ink per card, remember in wotlk similar cards only took 6 snowfall ink per craft
3)      Inflation could be higher or lower

Source for prices for DMF trinket in early Cataclysm :

Source for number of cards per completed deck wowhead :

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  1. one problem, is that there is no flying in new zones until max level and you will not get 30 stacks/hour on a ground says me

  2. #two problem, is that farming in zones where the entire server population is leveling through and also farming is incredibly painful. So even if you race to cap and get flying quickly, there's still no way in hell you'll come anywhere near a fraction of 30 per hour. So says me.

    #three problem, is that in addition to inks, for all cards of this type there have been a substantial amount of elemental ingredients. Those are always very costly and scarce early in an expansion. Either this hugely increases farming time, or decreases profit.

    1. While i think two is accurate, three isn't a problem if it is tackled like cataclysm. In cataclysm you needed volatile life which came at a rate from herb nodes that did not make it a problem to gather enough volatiles before you had enough ink to make a card, so if you're farming I don't see it being a major barrier unless they change the requirements.

  3. Actually the respawn rate on the herbs is rather fast when others are farming... In Cata, you could camp a single node and it'd respawn every 10-15 sec due to the high farming going on at launch.

    The key here is to power lvl your farming alt as fast as possible to 90 and THEN start farming asap... try to do it in a week or less so you can farm enough beforre the first DMF...

    I made about 250k in Cata in the first month so this is very viable... I also invested 100k gold to do it... which was no small amount at end of WOTLK.. .equivalent to nearly 500-600k now imo

  4. Herbs are stacked to say "EPP" (Epic Penny Pouch). - I think you are on to something Farli unfortunately i don't think you will hit 1M from it but like all professions there are some great ways to earn insane profits in the 1st month. So i don't exactly agree with the estimate but if someone used at least 3-4 professions then i think 1M is definitely a realistic amount.

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