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Top 10 items not to stockpile post: Farli's Thoughts

I was reading this post by Focushot over at

Top 10 Items not to Stockpile

  1. Cataclysm 81-84 Greens and Blues
  2. Chimera’s Eye
  3. Infinite Dust & Greater Cosmic Essence
  4. Eternal Fire/Shadow/Water/Air/Earth/Life
  5. Maelstrom Crystals
  6. Enchanting Rod Mats
  7. Wrath/Cataclysm Cut/Raw Gem
  8. Glyphs (Only the Burned Glyphs)
  9. 85 Epic BoE Gear (other than for Transmogrification)
  10. Crafted Pets
The above list is what Focushot posted.

Lets break it down and give my own thoughts on each.

1) I think some of the Cata items look really nice, not really looked into the transmog goodness of 81-84 greens, but check out this toon in 77-80 cata greens. and make sure to vote for someone *winks*

2) Ok I think you are right here, however if you were seriously thinking about amassing a stockpile of Chimera’s Eye please email me because I think you need some one on one gold making help immediately.

3) You better stockpile infinite dust because  you need like 600 of these per levelling enchanter. I get the majority of my Infinite dust from Disenchanting Scans, don’t just rely on Abyss crystals. You are basically saying my only source of infintie dust is dependant 100% on the cost and supply of one item. You are not even going to look into other options for stockpiling this material? I understand space is limited but thats why we have infinite mail storage.

4) Eternal’s used in titansteel you better be stockpiling them in whatever form you can get them! Who doesn’t want to see a Panda on a chopper? EU Stats from TUJ

5) Pets Pets Pets! Enchanted Lantern / Magic lamp uses Maelstrom crystals and Heavenly Shards. Why buy from a vendor when you can get them cheaper in the pre-MOP crash. Maelstroms have already dropped 30% in the past week here. People were using wotlk weapon enchants in early Cata because Cataclysm enchants were so expensive.

6) Luckily the majority of enchanting rod mats are profession levelling mats, so yes get rid of that primal might, but hold on to those adamantite ore/bars. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

7) You need Cata uncommon gems to level up Jewelcrafting so hold onto some Zephyrite, Nightstone and Hessonite.

8) Ok don’t go crazy on these glyphs that will be charred but make sure you are still selling them now!

9) Ye I agree here, but if they get crazy cheap remember you can disenchant these for crystals.

10) Crafted Pets are awesome! You’re reasoning that they are too easy to make is just so wrong. Netherweave Bags are easy to make does it make them bad?

 You need to rephrase that me thinks.

There will be increased supply of stuff like copper, mithril but also increased demand for profession levelling. If I was you I would buy up stuff now and lock in those price today. 
Check out Cold’s post here Using Inflation to make More Gold in WoW.

I get the real sense you are having space issues, make more guild banks, use mailbox storage and clear out junk are things I would recommend.

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  1. Okay.. the short short list... of my reasons for the list and how I came about putting it together.

    1) I don't know why you be stockpiling 81 to 84 greens.. unless some items look nice and you think they will sell as transmog. I don't know if you agree with me or your not here. But either case 83-85 cata gear will become trash in mop.

    3) Abyss crystals ARE still a better choice. No one knows if it'll still take 600 dust to level up enchanting. Stockpiling is about space, how to use that space and to get the most gold per bank, bag or guild. I don't recommend shuffling stuff in the mail.

    The shatter is RNG, sometimes you get more Dust then the later. Don't buy Abyss crystals over 30g, I can craft them for 25g easy and I save them to use for enchanting mats or sell as raw. The end of wrath I stock-up the cheap 15g Abyss crystals, sure I could have made more gold if I pick up all the dust too that was like 5g a stack or something like that. BUT it made more sense to me then to stockpile Abyss crystals.

    I don't get why people are so against this? I shatter like 500 Abyss crystals in patch 4.2 and over 3 weeks I sold all the mats, I made out 200k which I then was able to buy all the BoE I wanted for my toons I was playing at the time. I sold most of the dust at 10g each and all my Abyss crystals where under 25g.

    4. Your reason only proved one thing to me. You should be stockpiling the titansteel bars then not the Enterals that are used. A good stockpile would be a balance between titansteel and Orbs itself.

    5. Enchanted Lantern / Magic lamp are not going to be Rare pets, I saw a list (can't find the link) that listed what pets are becoming Rare. I don't know about your server but Maelstroms are floating at about vendor price on my server. They have a floor price, they wont drop under that even once MoP comes out.

    Maelstroms are too risky for me to use up space. If I find that the Enchanting pets are awesome sellers in MoP then I'll fly to the vendor and buy, get my free procs, shatter and then craft. Sure I have to take the one step to buy and vendor, but I feel that gold and space I can use else where for other items.

    6. Most of the Enchanting rod mats are really easy to get and aren't use in too many other items.. so its a safe pet to say, I wont stockpile up on enchanting pod mats. I don't see why people are against this, are people really stockpiling mats that use to make rods? And yes some mats are used in other things and I'll write a post about this later this week in more detail.

    7. Always stockpile in the rawest of form unless the space is better used crafting. Example are Netherweave is a better space saver as bolts then raw cloth. If you are using gems to level jewelcrafting, you better off stockpiling ore raw, then you have more options in what you can use with it. Maybe I'm wrong in that thinking.

    10. Crafted Pets.. a subject I could go on about.. I'll simply say this. No one knows how the pet market will go and to be honest, if its not rare no one will want it. Rares are better stats then the others. I can't find the list, but they said some pets will become rare and others wont. Your better off stockpiling the mats used to make them in a raw form you can use in other markets or to resell later then put them into pets you may end up being stuck with. Remember pets are account wide now, I'm seeing a pet crash here and some people could lose out big time if they have a big stockpile of pets.

    And no I'm not having any issues with bank storage and like I said I don't recommend using the mail box. Keep in mind that I write my posts not for myself, like this is what I'm doing. I write for the common gold maker or someone knew who may not be able to have a much space I have. So you want to use it well, bag space management is very important in gold making just as much as how to sell and price items.

    1. 1. I don't know anyone who stockpiles Cataclysm greens or blues, or any transmog item. You get it, you post it.

      3. Abyss Crystals are only absolutely a better choice if you're very limited on storage space. Otherwise, buy and stockpile whichever is cheaper, that or infinite dust. Don't turn up your nose at cheap infinite dust just because it doesn't stack as efficiently. Also remember that you have infinite storage when you bounce items between the mailboxes of two characters.

      4. I wouldn't stockpile frozen orbs. Trade in now for eternal fire, the most valuable eternal. I won't be stockpiling titansteel bars, but rather the mats. At Mists launch, there won't be a demand for choppers, but there will be for all sorts of raw mats, at insane prices. If I can make more money selling eternals and saronite bars, I'll do it. Remember you only make a few thousand gold in profit on the sale of one chopper. Better to feed the profession-leveling madness at the beginning and take advantage of lower prices later. And also, leveling jewelcrafters have a chokepoint which takes eternal earths and shadows. Chokepoint = huge markup.

      5. Pet collectors don't care if it's rare, if they don't have it, they want it, and they need every pet they can get their hands on for achievements (and therefore more pets). True, maelstrom crystals will only lose value from this point forward, but their supply will severely dip within a few weeks of Mists launch. Meantime, people will start coming back for the pre-Mists events, people who may want the lamp/lantern at good prices (but still huge markup for us). I assume you're either a goblin enchanter or an enchanter exalted with Avengers of Hyjal. But the maelstrom crystal has to be worth more than 142 gold or else you've wasted money.

    2. 6. All enchanting rods are being removed; enchanters won't have to level with rods, they will start and end with a simple Runed Copper Rod. Dump all rods that you have in inventory NOW NOW NOW.

      7. There will be no market for cut Cataclysm gems, period. Mists low quality cut gems will be better stats than current epic cuts. Dump them all now. As for uncut gems, carnelians are the rarest so have the highest value, but people won't want to level on those. In fact, they have to cut the other gems anyway, before they can get to carnelians. Levelers will need either 40 or 80 (I forget) low quality gems, and some will want to continue to do the Cataclysm dailies for extra points. I'm stockpiling all the low quality gems except for carnelian.

      Elementium ore is not the most efficient use of space, at worst you only get 4 gems from a stack, and the gems that you get are random. Raw gems is the best storage. I'm getting rid of all my elementium ore NOW either via prospecting or making bars and selling for a slight profit; doing the shuffle is a wash at this point, considering the time it takes for the little-to-no profit on most gems. You're correct about netherweave bolts. Plus, at Mists launch, you don't want to be wasting time making bolts then bags, or prospecting old ore.

      8. Shadowburn and Frostbolt are the only ones becoming Faded Glyphs, as far as anyone knows at this point. These are the ones we want to be full rid of by Mists, if not 5.0.

      9. It's hard to "stockpile" epic BoEs of any kind. I don't think we'll know until we're into Mists which items are truly popular for transmogging.

      10. I'm stockpiling the mats that I can use to craft pets, and only a few pets themselves. There is always a market for pets, the question is how much people are willing to pay, and at launch whether I can make more gold selling the pets or the raw materials.

      @Frosthot, I understand about the mailbox. I use Tradeskill Master with its Mail module, and it's amazing. Set a specific character to mail items to, specify which items, hit the red button at the top of your mail window. Everything goes to the character faster than humanly possible. 30 days later, the mail gets returned to you. Within 29 days, loot it to your bags and hit the button again. Easiest infinite storage in the world.

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  2. is the list of pets that will be rare that he was talking about.

    I also think that the market for pets will crumble very quickly. I read a post (can't find that one) that said that if you currently have the same pet on 2 alts you will either get it back in the mail or it might be in your pt journal and you will then be able to cage it and sell it on the AH. So if I have an Azure Whelpling on both my pally and my priest I'll be able to sell one.

    Also they said that a rare pet will have more stats available each time they level, so a level 10 Personal World Destroyer (uncommon, green) will not be able to compete with a level 10 Crimson Whelpling (rare, blue). Nobody will want it. Yes I know that some of the crafted pets are rare/blue when you craft them, but when you learn them they are uncommon/green in your pet journal.

    1. Ultimately, a rare trumps an uncommon.

      In the leveling process, before you get a rare, you have to settle with an uncommon briefly.

      Could this see rare/uncommon pets demanded in similar proportions to rare/uncommon gems?

    2. "In the leveling process, before you get a rare, you have to settle with an uncommon briefly."

      You don't have to start off with an uncommon, just use a team of 3 rares from that list and try to capture more. You can start capture rare "wild pets" right away. I caught my first one in Elwyn Forest just trying to level my team up.

      Wild pets are not cageable, but vendor and drop pets that you already learned are. You can level a cageable pet up and then sell it on the AH, there may be a market for level 25 pets down the road.

  3. Great to see that Focushot's article is generating plenty of discussion - it's good to see people's different opinions about what is and isn't worth taking up space in the bank.

  4. Farli I of course love this post and couldn't agree more, but the one thing I'd watch out saying is the "Who doesn’t want to see a Panda on a chopper?". Of course people will want to see pandas on a chopper, but if you already had one on any alt, you'll have one on all alts. Most likely accounts that don't have them will start obtaining them(blah blah blah inflation blah), but I don't think the pandas are the reason :-P

    Also I must say that the "clear out junk" comment hit really close to home. So much 'spring cleaning' to do!

  5. I'm looking at a pet prices crash as players receive their copies of pets and start selling like crazy. A supply spike.

    Then I'm forecasting a steady increasing demand for all types of pets. Got to catch them all! Demand is not going to go away, it is only going to increase.

    Therefore I predict 1) an upcoming buying opportunity, followed by 2) an upcoming selling opportunity.

  6. If people bought and therefore get back multiple copies of Dalaran pets and other vendor pets in the mail then we could see an opportunity in buying these pets below vendor cost.

  7. That's simple not true in all cases about frozen orbs. Fire, Earth and Shadow tend to be the ones that cost the most due to them being used to make Choppers. Shadow and Earth are needed for Eternal Belt Buckle, which is a niche market at best, I haven't seen them for more then 50g these days on my server. Then you have Book of the Moon which uses Shadow. Then Earth which is used to shuffle to get Wrath Enchatning mats.

    Simply put I personally find it much better to stock-up on Orbs if they are cheap, even if there aren't many. As I twitted to Farli that yesterday there was 4 orbs up for 19g, Fire/Shadow/Earth where all well above 30g each. Again that all depends on your server, if Enterals are really cheap.. to be honest.. I would get them and turn them into bars for bikes now. Why stock up the Enterals when you're likely use them for bars? If you plan to sell the enterals, keep orbs for that cheap and when Fire is the most you sell that. Some days Shadow might be high. It's a market you need to watch and not just use TSM to mindless post with.

    I wrote a post today about Abyss Crystals and why stockpiling them can give you much more dust then the dust itself. I'm not saying if dust is cheap to NOT buy that, my post was generally a way for people who want to stockpile now, when it's rather late to do doing it and can hold it long term vs short term.

    However I must ask how much does everyone's dust go for? Right now on my server its 5g most days and rises up to 10g over the weekend. I'm sorry but I'm not buying dust at 5g when I can get Abyss Crystals for 20g. Even if you feel that RNG is too risky and it's better to buy dust or even shuffle for it. If you plan to shuffle for dust, isn't it better to just stock up the ore? Then in shuffling becomes not idea, you can make other uses of the dust. Always, always stockpile the most raw form if you can. Only not if its better not too, example Bolts of cloth and maybe some Glyphs seeing as very few will be faded.

    I wont even try to comment about pets now because it's too much to explain in a short comment.

  8. Infinite Dust & Greater Cosmic Essence
    Eternal Fire/Shadow/Water/Air/Earth/Life

    I tend to agree with you on these two mainly because they go together well to make Abyssal Bags and I think the Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence will spike in price more than current.

    Eternals are always useful to hang onto profession wise and again they help with my bag making.