Thursday, 25 April 2013

7 Days in Gold Making: 25/04/13

 High level cloth -> High level essences

 I am still buying all the windwool I can get my hands on and turning it into Ethereal shards. Prices have risen in the past few weeks, no more 10g windwool stacks /sadface now it is closer to 40g.

I craft the 458 bracers and use the ethereal shards to make sha crystals once a day and also make mysterious essence. I always end up with lots of spirit dust when DE'ing the rings from ghost iron ore, having a source of very cheap mysterious essences helps me keep all the scrolls stocked up to 20 or 40.

 Low level cloth -> low level dust

 I was levelling my enchanter and needed 155 Vision dust and there was none of the Action House so off i went to wowhead to figure out what to make. I now buy up any mageweave cloth below 15g a stack and sell the dust between 4 - 5g each and the essences for 25 - 35g.

MySales last 7 days (H)

Sales breakdown by profession / market  ( H+A )

JC includes all cut gems and jewellery.

BS is such a big share mainly due to belt buckles.

1% misc section is random items i picked up while pet battling like low level herbs or leather.

Scrolls includes MoP and BoA scrolls.

Levelling Gear is my 77-80 greens and 83-85 greens

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  1. Very nice Farli! I haven't been dealing in old world markets such as enchanting in quite some time, but it would probably be a good idea to do while I wait for a queue. You keep a scroll stock much higher than I do, I usually keep 8-12 of each one in stock, maybe I'll try the 20 as well!

  2. my secret is out :) One of my alts deals exclusively in these kinds of items - and even sells full levelling packs - slowly since it is a low pop realm.
    The original in game shuffles that people around since vanilla will remember were primarily tailoring or blacksmithing > enchanting (no JCs) Although recent changes to enchanting have made some shuffles within both BS and tailoring less useful, it can an extremely lucrative method of generating large volumes of mats- particularly for mats for heirloom chants. Small profits per item usually, and large volume sales necessary for "greedy goblins" but a good way to add a bit of diversity - or make the most of every penny.
    Although at a quick glance it seems quite profitable, The downsides are: 1. time spent crafting..and time spent disenchanting. The first can be queued limited by bag space and the clever use of automail; de macros help - with the bonus of single item ids.
    I did some cost vs time comparisons for my realm trying to to work out which of the many shuffles I use was most valuable use of my time. I found that based on price of cloth (raw) price bolted (allow time factor #1) cloth crafted (#2) and disenchanted (#3) I could make more than twice the g/h than mageweave>vision dust et al. by doing level 70 dailies for the same amount of time.

    That said, it is a great way to consume cloth make a bit of money and top up enchanting supplies stocks if you have time. Runecloth, thorium, rubies and sapphires are other great ones to chew up that way if you have markets for their mats - posting costs are more prohibitive on some raw items than enchanting mats which can be posted cheaply :)

    For fun while crafting these I throw a set on and become a walking display - making a bit of mog money - wearing the old sets. My alt puts them on before DE and crafts in the middle of the city - showing the mog off. Amazing how many cindercloth/red mageweave/bright sets & turbans I've sold that way.

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