Monday, 30 April 2012

Mists of Pandaria Preparation : The Alliance Plan

Warrior BS / Alchemy
Shaman Enchanting / Alchemy
Paladin Enchanting / JC     Mining/Herbs
DK Mining / Herbalism     Skin/LW
Mage JC / Inscription
Priest JC / Alchemy
Warlock JC /Alchemy
Hunter Tailoring / Skinning
Monk JC/ Alchemy
Druid Herbalism / Alchemy
Rogue Engineering/ Alchemy

Get them all to level 80 with priority, if time runs out, on getting DK to 85 in time for MoP launch.

Seven Alchemists
Four JC
Two Herbalists
One of every other profession

Currently it looks like this:

Destro Warlock 67
Blood DK 60
Prot Warrior 43
Resto Shaman 42
Resto Druid 29
Prot Paladin 20

So a lot of levelling ahead, I managed to get honoured with a guild last week and bought all the helm/back boa gear. I transmog my BOA gear (it costs a lot because it is based on the vendor value) so that I can I blow up unsuspecting people in BG’s, they think I’m using bad gear because of the looks and then they get two shot!

 Using the mailbox it was very easy to move all BOA gear from my main account horde side to my second account (same alliance side. I’ve been posting transmog, recipe’s and pets on alliance side without too much resistance and I am looking forward to locking horns with some different people in different markets in MoP. I’ve already started trying to snap up some cheap materials ready for profession power levelling once my toons dings 75.

It’s not all about stockpiling materials, now is a great time to fill in those missing professions and level those classes you’ve always wanted to play.

Update 15th June

Lock 67
DK 70
War 81
Shaman 58
Druid 29
Paladin 70
Hunter 65
Mage 75 

Levelling going well but 75-80 goes really slow even with full cata gear at 77/78. Gathering mats for another professions weekend to get Alchemy, JC, Scribe all up to 525. Will work on skin/lw on DK when I get to 80.


  1. Wow, that's alot to level. My current plan is just to level up 2 characters more (one is at 40, the other one is non-existant), before MoP. But that takes some time for me.

  2. I have 7 85s..and I am exhausted and burnt out...good luck.
    warrior jc/mine
    pally jc/Alchemy
    dk enchant/skinner
    priest tailor/Alchemy
    goblin mine/herbalism
    hunter blacksmith/inscription
    human priest mine/herbalism

    I don't have any energy left to level another toon or turn one of my mine/herb into a Alchemy/herb right now... I am serious cold burnt out playing.